Australia Spying for favoured companies

November 9, 2013 § 1 Comment


This is how the Australian Government enable Corporate interests. This time its #BHP . But #Chevron #Securency and a host of other Corporations have benefitted from government collaboration.


In a post #TPP era governments (from what we see in leaks) will be bound to spy for Transnationals like #BHP ….

read how your Australian Government spied for #BHP here

Ban the “anti bikie” laws: Nationwide Capitals Protest Dec 1st

October 24, 2013 § 4 Comments

We should never consent to laws whicbanTheAntiBikieLawsh apply only to a particular section of the community.

The Queensland
These laws, dubbed by State Parliaments as “The Anti Bikie laws” in fact apply to any group of three or more people of which only one needs be in the relevant jurisdiction. The NSW laws are exercisable ONLY AT THE DISCRETION OF THE POLICE COMMISSIONER.

These laws can be applied to anyone and any group. Except those who make or enforce the laws. Trade Unions ,Protest Groups and potentially even church group members can be affected.

Occupy Sydney support the call put forth by Mackay Queensland Biker Activists for National Protests on December 1st 2013 outside every State Parliament in Australia and calls for the immediate repeal of all such laws.

Please note Occupy Sydney are not organising these Rallies but will be participants and encourage all supporters to participate at your State Parliament.

READ HERE A MEDIA RELEASE BY TERRY O’GORMAN ,vice president of Queensland Council for Civil Liberties

What doesn’t Clover “Cruella De Ville” Moore’s City of Sydney Council want you to know??

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 Since The City of Sydney began its illegal attacks on the Occupy Sydney 24-7 peaceful protest and Australia’s First and only 24-7 place to feed homeless people in Martin Place we have become aware of Council attempts to stifle Media reports which give citizens and the pImageublic a unsanitized critical view of Council actions…

City of Sydney councillors from across the political spectrum have supported the Alternative Media Group of Australia, publishers of this newspaper, after representatives of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore threatened legal action over a story published in City News on September 5.The story reported the experience of Surry Hills resident Luke Harper, whose 2011 development application (DA) for home improvements and renovations was rejected despite the City of Sydney’s own planners recommending its approval. The NSW Land and Environment Court subsequently overruled the decision. (READ MORE BY PETER HACKNEY)

Prof Jane Kelsey (Auckland University,Law) on #TPP

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The TPP Forum was a public meeting about the Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. It was held in Wellington on July 7th, 2011.

How You can Stop the #TPP

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Abby Martin speaks with Margaret Flowers, Organizer for Popular Resistance about why fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership is so dangerous to the democratic process, and why everyone should care about this “free trade deal”.

Stop The Trans Pacific Partnership Petition -Australia

October 8, 2013 § 3 Comments

The Hon. Andrew Robb
Minister for Trade and Investment
Parliament House

Dear Mr Robb,

I am concerned about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA), involving 12 nations across the Pacific, which is in its final stages of negotiation.

The TPPA is not only about trade. The United States, on behalf of its major industries, wants to change Australian law in many areas of domestic policy. These policies should be decided through public and parliamentary processes, not through trade negotiations conducted behind closed doors. I ask you to reject proposals which could:

- Extend patents on medicines leading to higher medicine prices 
- Reduce the ability to keep medicines affordable through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme
- Extend copyright at the expense of schools, libraries and consumers
- Remove our protections for Australian cultural industries 
- Undermine government regulation of food labelling
- Reduce our ability to regulate in the interests of public health and the environment

I am especially concerned about proposals which would enable foreign investors to sue governments for millions of dollars of damages in international tribunals if government regulation is seen to “harm” their investment. These proposals are known as investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS).

ISDS reduces the ability of governments to regulate the activities of foreign companies even if these activities harm our health or the environment. The Philip Morris tobacco company is currently using ISDS in an obscure Australia-Hong Kong investment agreement to sue the Australian government over its tobacco plain packaging legislation.

Canada signed on to ISDS provisions in a trade deal with the United States, and now the Quebec provincial government is being sued by a US-based energy company because it is conducting an environmental review of shale gas mining. In a similar way, farmers and community members in NSW and Victoria have influenced their state governments to review and introduce new regulation on Coal Seam Gas mining. I am concerned that if Australia agrees to this proposal in the TPPA, governments could be sued for millions of dollars because of such regulation.

The Howard Coalition Government rejected this proposal in the Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement, and I ask you to do the same in the TPPA and all trade agreements.

I also ask you to support enforceable workers’ rights and environmental protections, and to release the text of any agreement for public and Parliamentary discussion before it is signed by Cabinet.


BOYCOTT: These Companies Oppose your right to know whats in your food

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BOYCOTT: These Companies Oppose your right to know whats in your food

These companies have spent over $45 Million dollars “Against our Right to Know” what’s in our food. They pay this money to law makers to make sure it’s never mandatory to label their food. The companies on this list are just a small fraction of the companies involved. Here is the full list:


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