The @occupySydney Framework

September 28, 2011 § 11 Comments

Proposing 24/7 Occupation of  Martin Pl ( Outside Reserve Bank ) from 15 October & ongoing 

cnr Martin Pl & MacQuarie St Sydney 2000 ( a peaceful “bring family” Camp Protest )

 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT::  ” We acknowledge the Traditional indigenous Eora peoples custodianship of the land upon which we now live and work – the place the world knows as Sydney – and the genocide perpetrated against that people by the colonists from whose occupation the current governments claimed right to govern descends. We also acknowledge that such #humanrights crimes of genocide continue to be committed against aboriginal peoples across Australia today- in particular the Northern Territory Intervention, a racist bilaterally supported denial of #humanrights and cultural genocide which continues today. “

Targets ::

1)Reserve Bank  2) MacQuarie Bank (the Bank that swallowed Sydney).  3) Federal Labor  54) NSW Liberal Govt for its Anti Worker Laws.

Local issues:

Affordable Living:                       Australia is the place where Governments regulate against the people while suggesting market reform to I suspect bemused Corporate Directors. (more)  

Affordable Housing                     Affordable property ownership where people need to live. Mortgage Strike? Rent Strike? Tent City?

Workers Rights                               In solidarity with cleaners (Vic) Public Sector Union members & #FairPay 

Wage Justice                                     Minimum Wages & incomes providing sustainable living outcomes in postcodes where income is earned. 

Human Rights:                                Asylum Seekers , aboriginal , children. 

In solidarity with #occupywallst & mirror protest movements worldwide.

The @OccupySYDNEY Peoples Movement is represented the facilitators as an un-retouched emu shell. It is empty and fragile, yet with the capacity to radiate power beauty and strength through creativity and unity. What will make the emu egg a symbol of empowerment and unity is YOU. For now the egg is empty, unsculpted, an unpolished jewel. Your role is to bring your skills your creativity your voice your courage -and your frustration,your rage to Occupy Sydney .

The Leadership is You – Us – the people.. if the people deem there should be a leadership group then there should -if not, not.

  This is the window of opportunity to Unite on the things we agree on -not divide on those which keep us apart. Such windows do not remain open forever so we must build quickly and act quickly.  With unity we flourish, without it we fail.
We do not act as nor wish to be your leaders – we are simply facilitators . Our role is to ensure that Occupy Sydney is a genuine peoples movement not controlled by any single or alliance of organisations -a peoples movement led by the people.
follow  & enquiries @occupySydney  on Twitter . You will receive communications via that & other associated channels.
 We ask groups schools organisations unions and all supporters to establish & run their own blog / website / social media – there is no need to sing the same song or tune -but there is a need to sing together… your facilitator servants.

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