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October 3, 2011 § 5 Comments

While Facebook is an excellent means for business and social networking, we ask people to consider the following before linking to the facebook based groups listed below.
We do not advise against joining Facebook based groups – we empower you to make an informed decision to do so or not.

You cannot delete from cyberspace: multiple web archiving orgs preserve info you post FOREVER- its there even when you delete your FB account. Privacy settings don’ t block your participation in groups. Facebook history archives are a favorite tool for human resource businesses in profiling job applicants.

FB invites: work well because the recipient usually has some familiarity with you & trusts you. However,the invited person will never see this warning page and may unintentionally disclose publicly information they consider private. From an ethical perspective we consider the concept as wilful entrapment.

Facebook & Activism Facebook has been known to shut down Facebook based activist groups without warning, at critical stages of the campaign. – An example was the nosamsclub campaign opposing Walmart brand building on a native american sacred site. If Facebook shuts YOUR occupy group down whats your backup contact & communication strategy?

Facebook & Law Enforcement: As a USA based entity FB have obligations to allow authorities such as FBI CIA or Interpol access to Any info they require. Most if not all western countries police & sexret police have access via reciprocity agreements. The speed with which some test info has been identified in posession of gov security leads some researchers to believe that state security elements work permanently within Facebook.

Should you choose to join a facebook group or open a FB account we advise you to pay attention to the privacy settings.

Known Facebook #occupy groups in solidarity with #occupywallst

Link here to OccupySydney   Facebook group ( The Facebook Occupy Sydney Group we’re working with 🙂

Occupy Adelaide Facebook link 

Walk for Empathy



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§ 5 Responses to Facebook warning page

  • jones says:

    I have heard (I have not verified this myself) that there is organising occurring over IRC on the channel #OccupySydney at irc.freenode.net

    I encourage people who wish to remain anonymous, and their IP address to not be traced, to use Tor at https://torproject.org and connect to the IRC hidden service at irc://p4fsi4ockecnea7l.onion/ For details about freenode http://freenode.net/irc_servers.shtml#tor

    An alternative is to use a regular freenode (eg irc.freenode.net) server and connect via SSL on port 6697 through Tor. Although many Tor exit nodes are banned.

    If you are not technically proficient and you want help doing this, and trust me feel free to contact me.

  • OccupyAdelaide says:

    Occupy Australia and individuals have build a website to direct people too from facebook

  • Scepticanon says:

    Not sure if troll or not -____-

    No planning with the Anonymous Sydney Cell, weird.

    When searching on FB there are no results.

    When clicking the link here, it asks me to provide my FB password although I am already locked in…

    “A bad feeling with this one I have.”

  • Brian Concannon says:

    the evil greed and corruption of the 1% is finally being addressed in Sydney and other Australian States. Solidarity with Occupy Wall St and all the other protests across the US and the world

    I agree with all the listed demands but feel we should also be demanding to – Abolish our privately owned Rothschilds Reserve Bank
    Abolish our Goldman Sachs the Macquarie Bank
    Abolish all Naked Short selling
    get rid of all our bought off politicians and political parties who only serve the interests of the 1% criminal cartel instaed of the People
    Install our own State Bank like North Dakota
    Have the government print it’s own money backed by gold and silver instead of our current corrupt system of usury by the Reserve Bank which prints money out of thin air and then charges our government interest
    overhaul our corrupt media outlets which currently operate on an agenda of lies and deceptive reporting to a new system of laws making the media totally accountable to only report the real truth

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