Call to disendorse Occupy Sydney endorsed site

February 7, 2012 § 5 Comments

I’ve recently put around a call for the GA endorsed site to shape up or be disendorsed.
While one of those who tightly control and censor that site has verbalised an agreement to improve it and put in place a cumbersome process to make this happen, the continued use of the site to propogate personal agendas ( as with the latest post ( ) is NOT what Occupy Sydney should be endorsing as the public face of Occupy. The post, by the same person who has wilfully dimunised the tireless work of many to keep an occupation in place as “an info desk” (perhaps what he and the pigs prefer) , offends this and other occupiers in that it seeks to force us to engage in the endless futile discussions he and others so enjoy, AS WELL AS WORKING TO KEEP AN OCCUPATION A REALITY .
In the discussions we have had recently he made no mention of his intent to make this a public issue nor his intent to stimulate ill will towards the occupation or occupiers in the many online forums so enjoyed by many Occupy Sydney participants.
And his timing is perfect. For the police and those who desire to eliminate an occupation.
I did not choose to bring this discussion online or into a public forum. That poster did. And in doing so forced me to spend time responding to his couch sitting postulations shifting my focus energy and time from building and maintaining the occupation. This is the same person who “forgot” to post the minutes of many Dec/Jan GAs perhaps because the decisions made did not suit his construct of what occupy should be. In discussions with this person the sole agreement we made was to support more autonomous actions -Not to have a mob who know care little about the occupation make all the decisions on how it should function .

In a previous post /media release Vicki falsely claimed that Occupy Sydney had been evicted. I have no idea why . It was simply NOT TRUE and remains untrue.

The occupation site description is incorrect . We are at the corner of Elizabeth St and Martin Pl.
Why is the site directing mail to “Occupy Together? ”

The site is just too dysfunctional & operated by a clique who massage the message to suit their own agendae -whatever that is. It has become more a personal blog & so should be disendorsed. I will be proposing such at the Wednesday GA and proposing that no site be endorsed as the official Occupy Sydney site


0410 722 000


§ 5 Responses to Call to disendorse Occupy Sydney endorsed site

  • Gerry says:

    I’m not in to fighting so expect a hug when I see you next. That is my agenda.

  • Marlaina says:

    Gerry didn’t write the infodesk thing on the website – that was written back in October 2011 when the MP site was THE THING, and to get people to go to the right place at the MP site we said go to the infodesk – i’mnot even sure who wrote it – Gerry has only recently been involved on the website. I just don’t think anyone saw that bit of the website to update it – but it has since been updated, for weeks now. I think its okay to use the site for a discussion place, many ppl engaged are not in the city or cant get down to the site – and they want a place to speak, and people appreciate discourse in this area.

  • Marlaina says:

    Lanz – you can email me if you need things updated. Its really that easy – we’re friends I hope that all this can be achieved?

  • G’day everyone,

    I have been leaving random messages of support and throwing in my 2c worth here and there plus sticking it to the doubters and mockers. I even took my kids and partner down to the occupation site last Sunday and had a most enjoyable discussion and exchange of ideas with those that were present on the day. I’ve come in behind the 8 ball but I’m rearing to give it my all.

    Sadly though I can see the distension created by an either real or imagined perception of agendas. It can also be seen in the use of occupy across the web in chat rooms and websites. The fact of the matter is that EVERYONE has their own agendas; its each individual’s right and need to have their own agendas. Is that not what we are all doing right now? Following our own agendas separate to that of the agendas of government and corporate power? But unity at the core of all of our agendas should be driving us always forward toward our collective goal. “Kindness, Compassion, Justice, Equality, Truth and every other driving force all the way through to the very perpetuation of the human race.

    These issues of greed and control are the direct enemy of each and every Environmental, Humanitarian, Community and Fundraising organizations in the world yet they all operate in anonymity to each other almost silently chipping away at the pillars of greed and injustice making little or no progress.

    OCCUPY has the power to change the world, we have the power to change to world…… Its time to use the tools we have at our disposal and make ourselves really heard.

    I have been standing at a relative distance and absorbing as much as I can due to the fact that i needed to prepare myself to look at this issue from the simplest perspective possible so as to maximize the collaborative effect of what occupy is. For me occupy is essentially the platform for the first ever “fluid” democracy.

    In order for occupy to grow it has to attract more attention, to gain more support and participation from the greater community. But the attention cannot be that of dissention but must be that or decorum and ingenuity, it has to be functional and has to demonstrate the facts driven by the core beliefs for each and every participants individual “agenda”. It may be the case that 80% of people agree with the fact raised within one person’s agenda and the other 20% agree with another’s but if the core issues were caused or are derived from Greed or corruption then for occupy to work the 100% has to support each public protest or action.
    Most importantly please someone post after this, the time location of the next GA and subsequent frequency of GA’s.

    Can’t wait to see you all there.


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    Funny we had almost *exactly* the same problem….

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