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NSW Firemens spectacular Strike Action yesterday a spectacular success with NSW Parliament today backing down and passing an amendment by Greens to exempt Fire Fighters & Fire Service from NSW Government Cutbacks. NSW Government could save a lot of money by simply shutting down Dept of Communities. This department (now under Human Services ) is a State Funded parasite which preys on families children and communities , creating rather than preventing widespread social harm.

It is what it is

June 22, 2012

Parliament votes to protect FRNSW firefighters from O’Farrell’s workers comp laws

 A Greens amendment to exempt FRNSW firefighters and ASNSW paramedics from the O’Farrell Government’s appalling workers comp “reforms” was passed early this morning.

This week’s Sitrep, which will be faxed to all stations and posted to our website later today, will explain more fully but the news in brief is that the FBEU has successfully defended our members’ workers compensation arrangements.

Congratulations to all members, and particularly to the hundreds of members who stopped work yesterday. Make no mistake, the media attention that your action generated fueled the political pressure that followed. Every firefighter who, from this day on, suffers a workplace injury (a regrettably inevitable fact of life in our profession) is now in your debt.


Jim Casey
State Secretary

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