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At a little after 9a.m. June 27th when the media were not present and the powerful video of Police and Sheriffs not taken by media for all the world to see, Government officials entered Georges Lancaster Rd home. They told him that he was being taken to hospital “for his own good.” Georges basic instinct has always been to trust the system and its servants and he went co-operatively if not willingly according to eyewitnesses. What George probably does not understand is that he was evicted – removed from his home. Through no fault of his own George will lose the home and assets he worked all his life for –If we stand back and do nothing. This is the home which George bought and extended with his vision his will and the capital he worked for -with his own hands. This is the home which George expected to live in in his Golden years. And he planned well-if you believe in the system-he did exactly what the system says you should do. Other investment properties and a healthy bank balance would have provided him with support and anything he desired in retirement.
Today that vision of Golden Years turned to mud as those George should have been able to trust to protest his interests instead evicted him to protect the banks interest.
How can a person who has power of attorney so easily take for himself all the assets of the person he is hired to manage those assets for without committing a criminal offence?? …there are many hows and we, along with Georges families want answers.

Justice for George

My father was scheduled to be evicted from his home of over 40 years at 1:30pm on Tuesday 26 June 2012. Obviously there was a moderate crowd in attendance to not only show their support for my poor father but to respectfully voice their outrage at the failure of the justice system. Media crew were also in attendance.

A police car was first on the scene to briefly assess the situation (which was clearly not threatening) before the punctual arrival of the Sheriff and what appeared to be the locksmith. However the Sheriff’s vehicle did not remain in the street for long before they went around the corner and appeared to consult with the police and no doubt their office by phone before leaving the scene entirely.

Having been informed of this I proceeded to call the Sheriff’s Office to be updated on why the eviction did not proceed as was notified…

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