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The long suffering Indigenous Peoples of Brazil are having further rights abrogated as this legislation seeks to further alienate their autonomy as land hungry biofuels, GM , and Beef Farmers seek new land to plunder in their quest to feed seemingly insatiable domestic and world markets. The internationally deployed Occupy movement is ideally placed to enact a supply chain boycott against companies which source from suppliers whose produce is grown on such land.

Indigenous Brazil~


Funai disputes Ordinance of AGU on indigenous lands
[20/07/2012 15:24]

Official Indian body considers that the Ordinance edited by Minister Luís Inácio Adams on Tuesday, restricts the indigenous rights, takes a decision by the SUPREME COURT that is still open and asks reformulation of standard

The Funai (National Indian Foundation) today issued a note that disputes and asks the reformulation of Ordinance No. 303 of General Law, published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday.

The Ordinance makes rule for federal agencies the constraints included the Minister Mark of law in the decision of the SUPREME COURT (Supreme Court Fedral) on the demarcation in continuous area of it (indigenous land) Raposa-Serra do Sol (RR), in 2009.

The standard prohibits the extension of TIs and puts at risk the prior consultation to people Indians about developments that affect it to waive it for deployment of works considered “strategic” by the Ministry…

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  • sparrow says:

    what about the iron ore that will be coming from brazil through china markets and out into various markets worldwide ?

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