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Again the system fails the person while protecting the entity hmmm

It is what it is

I’m out of pocket $1000 after the company picked up my faulty TV and then disappeared.

If you have been caught by this company too, please let me know, as I want to look at running a case against the companies that sold the product, and who are not honouring the warranties.

This is one company who are leaving customers without support:

See also:,revealed-united-warranties8217-giant-debt-p…,liquidator-reveals-financial-state-of-unite…

Let me know if you are interested in being part of the campaign……

A $100,000 idea turns into the mulit-million dollar fine dining restaurant, Archies on the Creek.

Fine dining restaurant Archies on the Creek closed earlier this year.

The owner of a national extended-warranty company appears to have gone to ground, leaving many consumers wondering when their electrical goods – sent in for repair – will be returned.

Do you know more? Email Larissa Ham at

Consumer Affairs Victoria has received a “number of” calls from consumers experiencing problems with company U-NITED Warranties.

Entrepreneur Vern Rickman.Difficult…

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