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There is a commonly held notion that the law protects the innocent. At its highest it is a misinformed unresearched fallacy. At its lowest the law is a Star Chamber where the State aligns with the economic mighty to trample the individual…good luck James on Monday


[Name withheld]

[Address and contact details withheld]

Attention: Ms Nicola Berkovic

The Australian Fax: 02 6270 7071

Dear Nicola

Thank you for your stories in The Australian last week (Friday 25/5/12, Legal Affairs Section) on delays and problems in the Federal and Family Courts. Did you see the story by Farah Farouque on page 3 of Friday’s The Age, a VCAT case on a man who got a job in the Office of Public Prosecutions for 2 months before they found out he was impersonating a solicitor? It’s unbelievable how many ways government agencies and lawyers can mess up these days, especially when you put the two together.

Are you following the amazing VCAT government and lawyer corruption story at ?

I was one of more than 100 members of the public (yes 100) who went along to VCAT on 21 May to watch what corrupt government agencies and…

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