Genocide Awareness

March 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Genocide Awareness is dedicated to spreading awareness about genocides, both past and present. We will post summaries, personal stories, statistics, organizations, newspapers, government programs/contacts, books, films…everything we can think of relating to past and present genocides and other human rights issues.


Our immediate and short-term goal is to complete a database of links, discussions, contact info, etc. We hope you will join us and keep coming back and will take the time to browse through the Discussion Topics or maybe even start your own Discussion. There is an international community on here so we should take advantage of our opportunity to communicate with each other.

You are free, or course, to post in any language, but you need to also make your post in English. If you post a link or anything else without telling us what it is (in English) than it will be removed – when we have no idea what your post is saying or what your link is for then we have no choice to delete it immediately since it could be anything at all!

One other necessity we have at all of the GENOCIDE AWARENESS Groups is that you provide acknowledgement any time you post the work of another. We are not looking for a full bibliography or anything of the sort, we only ask that you provide a name and/or the source etc. of whatever it is you are posting.

GENOCIDE AWARENESS is also available on TWITTER.

In the past the general population didn’t know about genocide. The word itself is still very new to our vocabulary. There was little media, little communication, and little objective knowledge of other ethnicities.

People were often uneducated, unaware, and often viewed anything that didn’t look like them, such as having different skin color, as less human and with fear or disgust. There has always been an inherent fear of the unknown and there weren’t always the resources to learn about the unknown that we take for granted today.

The world is a much smaller place now and gets smaller every day. People now know something of genocides, have at least heard of Darfur or Rwanda. People everyday say how horrible they think it all is and say how we will can never let such atrocities happen again. But even as we say we’ll never let it happen, most nations that could help end the horrors sit back and watch the slaughters on the nightly news. Political agendas keep leaders from doing the right thing.

We believe that most people just don’t think much about it…have never really thought about what genocide truly is, what it would be like being hunted down and butchered with your family and friends for no other reason then for having a different religion or a different skin color. Maybe it just hasn’t crossed their minds about what it means to sit back and say and do nothing when we could be putting a stop to it.

There are literally billions of people opposed to genocide so how are we allowing it to continue? We always need more people to demand change. You can write your government officials, or write the media, and encourage others to do the same.

Things won’t change with only a few people and that’s why we need everybody to speak out. When politicians and corporations are made to realize that their own political and financial futures are at stake then we’d see change – and fast.



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