Protest the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement 11 May Martin Pl

May 2, 2013 § 2 Comments

Occupy Sydney are fully supporting the Sydney Trans Pacific Partnership Protests …and all global efforts to stop this abomination

Join the Facebook Event here

 Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Protest! 11 May 2013, 12 Noon, Martin Place, Sydney

Ten Reasons Why the TransPacific Partnership Matters…

  1. It is only getting bigger by the day: Thailand knocking at the TPP Door . Japan has just been includedprotest-over-transpacific-partnership
  2. We have not learned from NAFTA: Mexico ordered to pay Cargill $95 million for attempting to keep out high-fructose corn syrup
  3. In Free Trade Agreements, corporate profits always trump the environment: Canada/Quebec sued under NAFTA for its ban on fracking by a US corporation
  4. It Doesn’t Matter if you are a sovereign nation with labor and environmental laws: Here is a list of the NAFTA chapter 11 cases
  5. Or just trying to survive with a life-threatening illness on a few dollars a day: Public health advocates in Malaysia protest reduced access to generic medicines in trade deals
  6. Congress is trying, but those who we elect are not part of negotiating this deal-our democracy is at stake! Take this recent Sign-On letter to President Obama from Senator Al Franken on the labor rights concerns in the TPP and urge Senators Cantwell and Murray to sign it!
  7. Sweatshops still exist: Here is a recent report by Right2Work
  8. Companies are willing to invest millions of dollars to keep consumers in the dark: Here are the corporations who defeated the GMO labeling initiative in California
  9. Only when we connect our issues, and combine our strength can we succeed: Dec. 1st is also world AIDS Day
  10. We are not alone, we are the majority, and our voices are needed for trade to ever benefit workers and support healthy communities and a sustainable planet: Sign the Avaaz petition to reach a million who say “Stop the Corporate Death Star”, stop the TPP!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a free trade agreement being negotiated between Australia, the US, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, PerTPPlogo11-300x238u, Chile, Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.

US global corporations are driving the agenda to expand their rights at the expense of peoples’ rights. Pharmaceutical companies want higher prices for medicines, tobacco companies want to sue governments for health regulation, and there is so far no agreement to implement workers’ rights or environmental standards.

On May 11, International Fair Trade Day, AFTINET will join others around the world to say no to corporate rights and yes to workers’ rights and the environment.

We invite you to come with your organisation’s flag or banner from 12-1 pm.

There are similar rallies or events happening in some other TPP countries: US, Canada, Peru , Malaysia, NZ

Hope to see you there

The United States and ten governments from around the Pacific are meeting yet again to hash out the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) on May 15-24 in Lima, Peru. The TPP is one of the worst global threats to the Internet since ACTA. Since the negotiations have been secretive from the beginning, we mainly know what’s in the current version of this trade agreement because of a leaked draft [PDF] from February 2011. Based upon that text, some other leaked notes, and the undemocratic nature of the entire process, we have every reason to be alarmed .


 The Electronic Frontiers Foundation have expressed concerns relating to the arbitrary abrogation of Internet Freedoms and extensions of Copyright protections extended under this secretly negotiated compact which Australia has signed up to.

What Else You Can Do (Outside USA)   USA


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