The Big Budget winners are

May 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

The Big Budget winners are once again the Kiddy Farming and Poverty Industries. While people starve due to artificially inflated food prices and freeze bImageecause only the rich can afford heating The 2013 Federal Budget includes a 9billion handout to the kiddy farming industry and further increases in handouts to perennial beneficiaries of government largesse, the Poverty Industry, again in the name of Homeless people.

  •  The Budget rationale proves again that the Carbon Tax which has morphed into REDD downunder is really just another tax and in as linked to emissions reduction as Politicians are to people—not at all.
  • While Big Corporations and Banks continue to boast record profits and record tonnages of Australias mineral wealth vanish overseas the Federal Government attacks among the most marginalised in Society who must cop the losses-Austerity for the people fuels prosperity for Corporations.
  • The Kiddy Farming Industry will be readied with $9billion of Government largesse to receive the more revenue as single parents are forced into wage slavery or onto NGO enriching Newstart.
    Students Parents and Centrelink Claimants have all come under attack. A National Disability Scheme will enrich NGOs as they seek more control over the lives of and work performed by Australia’s disabled. The messsage of the 2013 Federal budget is Concern for the Rights of Corporations and indifference towards the plight of the people. 
  • In short…politicians are so inseparably part of the problem that they should NOT be part of the solutions… Trust only Grassroots organised Community based groups to stand up for what you and they believe in.

 When are the people going to realise that Governments obsessed with Keynesian Economics will ensure that laissez faire capitalism flourishes amidst heavily constrained personal incomes- or robbing the poor to benefit the rich.



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