Redfern Tent Embassy Activist Jenny Munro Arrested bailed

December 22, 2014 § Leave a comment

At 4pm 22-12-14 the situation at the Tent Embassy was stable but tense. The anticipated eviction has not so far happened but they arrested key veteran aboriginal activist Jenny Munro. The triple threat of eviction by police , attack by rogue Aboriginal Housing Co operatives or sympathisers or the Australian Defence League is a clear and present danger. Peaceful protesters cannot expect their rights to be supported by belligerent anti-protester police and less so if they are aboriginal.

Following an incident at the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy earlier during which Ms Munro defended herself against an outsider aggressor Police applied their usual selective colour blindness to arrest and charge Jenny Munro with assault. Jenny has been released with her current bail conditions banning her from being at the Tent Embassy. There are no charges against her assailant , an outside agent provocateur , and no known orders preventing her returning to attack other protesters. 

  The bail conditions, a normal police tactic to undermine peace

photo courtesy Stringer

ful protest in the Scipione era have not stopped determined Tent Embassy protest participants from continuing their protest. 

Protesters are extremely concerned at constant harassment intimidation and threats by a group of polynesian males said to be “goons employed by people associated with Mickey Mundine’s notorious money-spinner Aboriginal Housing Ltd. There have been no police efforts to curtail their activities. 

  The Tent Embassy has issued a call for people to maintain the presence in numbers especially at night. From my experience those attending should 

  • be appropriately dressed for inclement weather and sturdy comfortable shoes are advisable.
  •  Take your food and water if you possibly can. 
  • Take a sleeping bag
  • Take phones and cameras/video 
  • Call on Occupy Sydney to get word out if anything is amiss on your shift. 0410722000 or 

Occupy Sydney send our full support and solidarity to those at Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy. 

 Please like their Facebook page for latest updates


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