From the curator of Occupy Sydney Zine

It’s a Happy 10 week anniversary!


Please check out the PodCast @

Please keep giving feedback and contributions!


Please be sure to be kind to yourself – have a break from activism when you are feeling emotional and stressed.

Come back when you are ready to grow the movement.


It’s been over 7 months now. Much has been learned. How do we grow and evolve from here?


Hugo can use help with Pod casts, Legal team can use help, the occupation in Martin Place and Parramatta can use help. The website needs help, media team needs help. Outreach needs help. Planning is happening around 12 month anniversary (needs help), Free School needs help. General Assemblies need facilitators and participants.


All that is needed is people motivated to be the change we wish to see in this world. Even sharing an email is participating as a member of the people’s media 🙂


Issue 10

Pod Cast – Robbery with violence, Legals fund, Honduras under the thumb of international 1%, Occupy Content Management System, Dreams on streets of Martin Place


Issue 9

Building blocks of Freedom, Solidarity with Honduras, Julia Gillard’s criminal history


Issue 8

Free School – Mic-Check Party – Occupy the Courts – Police Brutality


Issue 7

Montreal – Lizards Revenge – World’s largest open cut uranium mine


Issue 6

Police brutality – Iceland – Free school – Activist self-care


Issue 5

15-M – Inequality – Monsanto – GMO


Issue 4

COCA – Why the system isn’t broken – Story of your enslavement


Issue 3

City Talks – Meditation at a riot – Tax


Issue 2

How Police subvert the judiciary – General Strike


Issue 1

Guide to staying overnight – Occupy Haikus – ALEC, Big Phama and the Medicalisation of Poverty – Occupy DnD


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